Empowered Mom, Empowering Teen : A Self-discovery Roadmap For Moms And Teens (Golden Membership)

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“Empowered Moms Empowered Teens” –A Self-discovery Roadmap For Moms and Teens

  1. Focuses on relationship mastery and the power of affirmations;
  2. includes access to VIP & Silver course at no extra cost.
  3. Led by Sarita Chugh, certified NLP practitioner and Self-discovery & empowerment coach.
  4. Join us to support and uplift both moms and teenagers, cultivating mutual growth and success.
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Teen Success Blueprint: Your and Your Teenager’s Path to Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Are you a mom ready to transform your teenager’s life and help them become a SuperTeen? The Teen Success Blueprint is here to guide you through every challenge and help you and your teenager unlock your full potential. This comprehensive course addresses all the problems and solutions faced by teenagers, adolescents, and big kids.

What You’ll Learn:
For VIP Members (Moms and Teenagers):
Course Name: Unlocking the Power of NLP: Transform Your and Your Teenager’s Success
– Orientation Course on NLP
– Understand what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is.
– Learn how NLP plays a transformative role in human life.
– Discover the impact of NLP on teenager success and personal development.

For Silver Members (Teenagers):
Course Name: Rise to Success: Empowering Teens for a Bright Future
– Goal Mastery:
– Set, pursue, and achieve goals with confidence and determination.
– High Grades Strategies:
– Discover effective techniques to excel academically and score higher grades.
– Habit Mastery:
– Develop powerful, positive habits that will drive success and help reach full potential.
– Self-Care and Self-Love:
– Understand the importance of taking care of oneself and building a strong foundation of self-love.
– Sustaining Success:
– Gain the tools and strategies to maintain long-term success.

For Golden Members (Moms and Teenagers):
Course Name: Empowered Mom, Empowering Teen: A Self-Discovery Roadmap for Moms and Teens
– Relationship Mastery:
– Improve the relationship between moms and their teenagers, fostering a stronger bond.
– The Power of Words:
– Learn how words can change teen behavior and the power of affirmations.

– Community Members Course is FREE for all
– The VIP member course is available for FREE, regardless of whether you choose the silver or golden membership tier.
– With a golden membership, you also get access to the silver membership course at no additional cost.

Course Highlights:
– Expert Guidance:
– Our course features Sarita Chugh, a certified NLP practitioner and Self-discovery and Empowerment Coach. She educates and encourages stressed-out teenagers, big kids, preteens, and their mothers to decode challenging situations through a holistic lens, helping them find a life they love. Her mission by 2023 is to empower 1 million teenagers and their mothers in self-discovery to find fulfillment, joy, and purpose.
– Interactive Learning:
– Engage in dynamic and inclusive sessions that encourage connection, learning, and growth.
– Supportive Community:
– Join a vibrant community of like-minded moms and teenagers who understand the unique challenges and joys of teenage life.
– Real-Life Solutions:
– Get actionable strategies to tackle academic pressures, manage emotional ups and downs, and improve relationships.

Why Choose Teen Success Blueprint?
Transformation Through Understanding:
– Address academic stress, relationship issues, and self-esteem struggles with proven techniques rooted in neuro-linguistic programming.
Resilience and Communication:
– Cultivate resilience, improve communication, and build a foundation for lasting success.
– Personal Growth for Moms:
– Empower yourself as a mom, gaining insights and tools to better support and connect with your teenager, fostering mutual growth and understanding.

Join us on this transformative journey. The Teen Success Blueprint is your key to becoming a confident, empowered, and successful SuperTeen. Start your journey today and unlock the secrets to thriving through the teenage years and beyond.

Ignite: A Journey of Empowerment & Self-Discovery for SuperMom and SuperTeen with Sarita


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