Gratitude: An Eternal Romance with Life

Writer & Edited by: Divyanshi Chugh from Purnam Community

Gratitude is an eternal romance with Life. It is a relationship of overwhelming Love and surrender to Life.
In the little gestures, the magical sparks, the flow of Grace in life divine, Gratitude is what I find.It is Life’s care coming through Sophie’s invitation for lunch just when the body was not feeling fine. It is the guard saying lovingly yes to enter the Matrimandir even as I was only trying my luck, having arrived a few minutes later than the prescribed time. It is the presence of a friend when I fall ill, whose selfless love brings love to the body yet another time. It is the kidney stone that made me stay back in Auroville, and dream to shift paradigms. It is the times when the scooty’s low battery finishes just on time.It is the Avacado that makes me fall ill, and sweetly reminds to slow down the pace of life. It is being able to be an instrument of love, beauty, peace and strength, all that is not mine but in me – forever pouring as the love of life. It is the cardinal act of giving a listening ear that brings me closer to peace. It is the stolen moments from life that makes me do the actions with ease. It is the work of thousands of people that pours into that one moment when I sit by the lotus pond, It is the birds that say hello every morning, and the butterflies that come by all day long. Through a simple Facebook status, it is the living wisdom or realisation that pours, A conversation that changes the course of things or even more. It is a phone call received in a moment of need. The utensils, which with servitude and delight, feeds, The millions of people, animals, and the living plants that together work very hard to make this moment be full of charm. It is the hug of life and people that’s lovely and warm. It is the flowers that smile, the trees that give shadow.It is us who nurture and enable each other to grow.

I can go on and on of how gratitude makes one belong To love, life and being, whilst dancing on the rhythms of an eternal song.Gratitude is the amazing kindness of life that exists like our breath It is everpresent but unless we take a moment to acknowledge, it remains unfelt.It is our relationship with the magic of the soul and its instruments of Life, Mind & Body. It is not a thank you that we have been conditioned to say almost mechanically. It is an eternal learning from all that comes – great, good, bad and ugly, The power that dissolves all tension and justification, and gifts generosity. Like the sacred thread that ties all life silently and invisibly, It is the seed of a living harmony, the adventure of eternity.
A tide of bliss that pours as pure love, ecstatic embracing of the winds of life, the blooming into flowers of seeds we planted. Born out of the moments we take out to appreciate what is otherwise taken for granted.

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